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Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain™ 

Volume 1 Put Out the Fire!


Written by: Ya-Ling Liou

FORMAT:     Paperback

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Paperback . ISBN 978-0991309405 . 316 pages . 8 February 2016 . Return to Health Press™ . Self Help

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For anyone who has found themselves thinking: “But it never used to hurt when I…!” Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain is written for them. This book sheds light on three burning questions: Why does it hurt? How do I make it stop? and How do I keep it from happening again?

In this first of a three-volume series, Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain is not about chronic, debilitating pain. Instead, it addresses the familiar bouts of everyday aches and pains that can easily lead to a lifetime of discomfort. Volume One – Put Out the Fire guides readers through an intuitive exploration of the why, what and how of everyday pain. Author Ya-Ling Liou, a seasoned chiropractic physician and teacher, turns complicated anatomical processes into easily understood concepts. Cartoon-style illustrations and easily grasped analogies describe clearly the intrinsic nature of the body’s mechanical, chemical and emotional causes of pain.

Comparing the pain caused by inflammation to “the body on fire,” readers are guided through the processes of “cooling the fire” and “fire-proofing the body.” Uncovering new ways to pay attention to the body, Liou describes exactly what to do about “nuisance” pain before it turns into a five-alarm fire.

Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain shows readers how to tap into the body’s innate common sense, and spells out in everyday language what they need to know to become their own experts in pinpointing and alleviating their nagging pain. Best of all, readers will find new hope knowing that they can return to a pain-free life.


“This incredibly useful book is an excellent, easy-to-understand guide to the cause, nature, and cure for pain.” – BlogCritics

“Dr. Liou’s book stands out from the myriad publications on this topic currently available. Its thorough analysis of causation coupled with common pain issues and how to handle them clearly set it apart–but the heart of this text is prevention. Dr. Liou attributes her insights and expertise to her patients’ “shared bodies’ wisdom.” Giving back, her wise book perfectly exemplifies Docere, the time-honored role of doctor as teacher.” – Jane D. Saxton, MLIS
Director of Library Services, Bastyr University

“For those who want to take control of their health, this 3-book series is a marvelous resource.” – Joseph Pizzorno, N.D.




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